Fabric is important in choosing toddler smocked baby dresses

In addition to avoiding scratchy fabric for babies, most parents stay away from synthetic fabrics when choose toddler smocked baby dresses. Most synthetic materials can be a dangerous fire hazard for kids.

baby dresses

Picking the right fabric is so important for toddler smocked baby dresses. Natural fabrics are always best. To keep babies comfortable, cotton and wool will be soft on baby’s skin and allow the skin’s surface to breathe. Cotton will stretch and move with baby. Babeeni is a new option for kid clothes as well especially toddler smocked dresses for baby girls. It keeps a baby comfy in regulating temperature. It also has antibacterial properties and is hypoallergenic for baby’s sensitive skin.

With good fabrics, Babeeni launched new designs of toddler smocked baby dresses for your lovely kids.

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How to add lengthen smocked baby dresses?

Add a wide ruffle to the bottom of the smocked baby dresses to add inches to the length.

Measure the width of the front and back of the smocked baby dresses. Lay the dress flat on your work surface. Measure the width of the bottom of the dress, flip it over, and measure the same place on the back. Add the two numbers together, add 2 inches to the total, and then double the measurement. Write the number down on a scrap of paper. Add 1 inch to the number of inches of length you would like to add to the bottom of the dress. Write that number down. Cut a piece of coordinating fabric to the dimensions you have on your paper. You should have a long, skinny rectangle of fabric when done. Fold the long bottom edge of the rectangle 1/4-inch and iron. Fold the edge another 1/4-inch and iron flat. Place the strip on the sewing machine, and sew a straight stitch over the folded edge to hem. Fold the rectangle so the short sides are right-sides together. Sew the short sides together with a straight stitch.

You will now have a circle. Sew a line of stitches using a long basting stitch on the top, raw edge. Do not backstitch at the front and back of the fabric. Leave long threads at the beginning and end of the line of stitches. Sew a second line using the same directions 1/4-inch below the first. Pull the long threads on the ends to gather the fabric. Flip the dress inside out. Work the gathers around to evenly distribute them on the fabric strip. You will need to gather it so the piece will fit around the hem of the baby girl dress. Match up a side seam of the dress with the side seam of the gathered fabric. The gathered fabric and the dress should have their right-sides facing the same way. The top raw edge of the gathered fabric will attach to the bottom hem of the dress on the inside of the dress, which is still inside out. Sew the pieces together using a straight stitch. Use 1/4-inch seam allowance. Pull the gathering threads out after you have sewn the pieces together. Flip the smocked baby dresses right-side out and the ruffle will hang from inside the dress.

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Few Tips to Style and Accessorise Your Sarees


Buying a Nauvari Sarees is a fun experience nowadays thanks to the tons of variety available everywhere from online stores to high-end designer stores to small local stores. Although one tries to stay within budget sometimes it’s tough to resist one gorgeous, expensive saree that you feel resplendent in, quite like a Maharashtrian wedding saree. One way to feel less guilty about a big purchase is to find ways to wear that saree more than a few times – Styling and accessorizing your saree right makes sure your look stays current and put together.  Let’s take a look at a few ways to enhance the look of your Nauvari Sarees:

Draping: Varied draping styles can really take the allure of a pretty saree to the next level. There are so many different ways to drape a sari apart from the normal front or back pallu drape. If you can’t figure out how to do them yourself, take the help of a beautician or stylist or simply look online. Draping a Nauvari Sarees well is the best way to showcase the best parts of the saree; it could be a heavily embroidered pallu or a shimmery border. You can also accentuate different parts of your body. Experimenting with different styles will also allow you to change the look of a saree in case you are worried about repeating.

Nauvari SareeBlouses: Your blouse can change the entire look of a saree. There are so many new designs to try like backless designs, blouses with Nehru collars and embellished collars, different sleeve lengths and mush, much more. Whatever style you choose, a perfectly tailored blouse is a must. Keep in mind that the blouse you stitch for your bridal saree may not be as revealing as the one you would for a cocktail party – definitely keep the occasion and audience in mind! Take a gander at new modern designs and while a retro design looks fashionable a truly ‘old-fashioned’ one may not, it will only look dated.

Accessories: The right accessories add the finishing touches to even the most casual of sarees. Beautiful jewelry like earrings, a necklace and bangles is the perfect adornment. Both modern and traditional jewelry look great depending on the style of the saree. Be sure to match your jewelry to the metallics in your saree if any. A pretty clutch or dressy purse is your best bet; a big handbag with a dressy saree doesn’t look very contemporary.

Make sure you style your wedding Nauvari Sarees saree right and make sure the look works for your style and the occasion. It’s really sad to see a woman in a beautiful saree ruining the entire look with bad styling!