How Healthy Is Your Diet Soda?


Loaded with tons of empty calories and sugar, soda can be a part of your healthy diet plan when rarely enjoyed as a special treat. But which one should you go for when you are in a mood for soda? Diet soda or the regular one filled with artificial sweeteners. There has been a lot of controversy spinning around sugar substitutes. Artificial sweeteners are being added to most of the foods including health drinks, sodas, yogurt, and desserts and are being marketed as a healthy option for those looking to control diabetes or lose weight. However, people are often perplexed and hesitant about the safety of sugar substitutes. Despite being low in calories, diet beverages are high in artificial sweeteners. But are they really healthy and safe? Do they help in weight loss? Let us explore if diet carbonated drinks are a healthier alternative to the regular versions.

Almost half of the Americans drink soda every day. With so much soda consumption, it has become crucial to evaluate the effect of soft drinks on health. Soda is a mixture of carbonated water, high quantities of sugar, caramel coloring, caffeine and other chemicals. No matter how much you try, it is not easy to give up soda. So what is it that makes this soft drink so addictive? It is the presence of caffeine. While caffeine can increase alertness and could work as a short-term fix to boost energy levels, its prolonged use can make you feel fatigue as well as lead to a set of health problems including insomnia, tiredness, anxiety and low blood pressure. The other ingredients in soda have also been associated with a host of health issues.

Regular Soda and Health

Regular soda tastes great and does not give the strange aftertaste. Moreover, it is preferred by those who are looking to stay away from artificial sweeteners. But being rich in sugar, regular soda is high in calories which can cause tooth decay and other health problems. Survey reveals soda to be the highest source of sugar in your diet. Further, studies have found that people who drink a large quantity of soda tend to consume fewer nutrients, drink less milk and have poor bone health. The presence of high amount of phosphates in soda has been linked to calcium deficiency. High soda consumption can deplete calcium in your body.

Regular soda contains table sugar which is a combination of glucose and fructose. Sugar may be safe when consumed in moderation but an excess of it can be unhealthy and contribute to weight gain as well as several diseases. High sugar intake can cause a spike in your blood sugar levels. Xxx. This results in the release of anti-stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline. The more sugar you consume, the higher is the release of these hormones, resulting in inflammation and metabolic imbalances which can cause mood disorders and depression. High sugar consumption can raise the risk of inflammation which can further lead to depression because inflammation interferes with the functioning of your immune system which may increase the chances of developing depression, studies shows.

Diet Soda and Health

A man putting sweetener to his tea. The same ingredient used in diet sodaYou would find that most of the artificially sweetened beverages in the present market are tagged as diet or light version. As these drinks are termed “calorie-free”, technically they should help in weight loss and prevent any sugar-related issues such as diabetes and metabolic syndrome. However, there is hardly any evidence to support these health claims.

Diet Soda contains artificial sweeteners and is less in calories when compared to regular soda. Hence they are preferable if you are on a diet and would like to enjoy a soda once in a while. However, note that the presence of artificial sweeteners in diet beverages and foods can cause numerous health issues.

So far, six artificial sweeteners have been approved safe by the Food and Drug Administration: aspartame, saccharin, neotame, acesulfame potassium, advantame, and sucralose. And all these go into sugar substitute packets including your diet soft drinks. Recent studies suggest that artificial sweeteners are not inert by nature. They can alter the gut bacteria, metabolism and can also be linked to type-2 diabetes. Therefore, it is still unclear whether sugar substitutes are healthier than regular sugar.

Research on Diet Soda, Artificial Sweeteners and Weight Gain

New research suggests that just 20 ounces of diet soda consumption per week can raise the risk of diabetes by 66 percent. Researchers conducted a study to understand the correlation between diet soda, diabetes, and weight gain. The research revealed that blood sugar level was relatively higher in people who consumed artificial sweeteners than in people who didn’t. In some people, the blood sugar level increased with just a week of fake sugar consumption. The research was also conducted on mice by feeding them, artificial sweeteners. The group showed higher blood sugar levels when compared to the mice which fed on regular sugar. The study suggests that artificial sweeteners can alter the gut bacteria and metabolism which may be linked to diabetes.

While certain studies have linked consumption of artificial sweeteners with weight gain, other studies have reported no such change in weight. These conflicting results could be due to various reasons such as food choice, physiological condition and the period of study. Studies that last for a short period of time can overlook the long-term effects of artificial sweeteners.

Further, there is strong evidence which shows that artificial sweeteners may raise the risk of inflammation, cancer, neurological and metabolic problems. There is no solid evidence which suggests diet beverages can help in weight loss. Scientists believe that more research is required to determine the safety of sugar substitutes as well as understand how artificial sweeteners interfere with metabolism.

How Drinking Diet Soda Can Tax Your Adrenals

A woman with AFS refusing diet soda

Artificial sweeteners in diet soda can affect your gut flora and interfere with your digestive process which can give rise to unpleasant side effects such as allergic reactions, migraines, and digestive stress. To cope up with these side effects, your adrenals are forced to work harder. Stress is not only caused by the physical environment and physiological factors. The food you eat also plays a vital role and artificial sweeteners can exert a significant amount of stress on your body which can make you feel fatigue.

The NeuroEndoMetabolic (NEM) Stress Response System is your body’s natural stress-fighting system. It is a delicate network of various organs and six circuits that work in close unison. Under stressful situations, the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis, which is a component of the NEM stress response system, signals your adrenal glands for producing anti-stress hormone cortisol. However, repeated stress can overwhelm your adrenals decreasing cortisol secretion and reducing your body’s stress-fighting ability. This results in adrenal fatigue. When you frequently experience fatigue along with symptoms of brain fog, anxiety, difficulty in waking up, insomnia, low energy levels, craving for salty and fatty foods then you might be dealing with Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome (AFS).

Soda should be avoided in AFS as it can cause additional stress on your body and worsen the symptoms. Your body is not designed to accept artificial sweeteners and soda. Drinking filtered water is best for your body and adrenals as it keeps you hydrated, flushes out excess toxins and ensures optimal functioning of all organs. Consider adding a handful of fresh herbs such as basil or mint leaves to your water for a refreshing flavor as well as increased health benefits.

What Soda Does to Your Health

With numerous health supplements, sugar substitutes, diet beverages, and foods in the market, eating healthy can be quite tricky. Chances are high that you might not be eating healthy at all. For example, most might think diet soda is a healthier alternative to regular soda. However, the underlying truth is that soda in any form including the diet version can raise the risk of type-2 diabetes. In fact, sodas have been linked with an increased rate of kidney damage, obesity and certain types of cancer. They have zero nutritional value and come with added chemicals, sugar and artificial sweeteners which can deplete your body’s nutrients.

When soda enters your body, it creates certain acids which deplete the minerals in your body as well as deteriorates your bones. Further, diet soft drinks contain artificial sweeteners which trick your body into believing it to be sugar. As a result, you might have more sugar cravings which can negatively affect your metabolism. You may also end up consuming more sugar to satisfy the cravings. You will be surprised to know that diet beverages can contain sugar substitutes that are dangerous. For instance, aspartame has been linked with vision problems, diabetes, brain damage, heart palpitations, memory loss and certain emotional issues which can trigger stress.

When it comes to beverages, there are several healthy alternatives to soda. All you need to be is a little creative. Here are a few healthy options that you might like to try:

  • Adrenal FatigueHomemade kefir is naturally sweet and comes with the goodness of probiotics
  • Make your own flavored drink by adding few slices of lime and oranges into a pitcher of water
  • Add fresh cilantro, ginger root or even mint leaves to water for a refreshing flavor
  • Tender coconut water is both refreshing and healthy. It is rich in numerous vitamins and works as a natural electrolyte
  • Consider replacing sugar with natural sweeteners such as honey, agave syrup, stevia or jaggery
  • Pour water into a clean saucepan and bring it to a rolling boil. Switch off heat and add spices of your choice such as cinnamon, cardamom or cloves. Allow the spices to infuse flavor. Now stir in natural sweetener and allow to cool in the refrigerator

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The 29th State of India, Telangana was given a separate geographical and political identity recently on June 2nd, 2014. But the rich history of Telangana dates back to more than 2500 years ago since the time of Buddha.  Earlier it used to come into Andhra Pradesh but the movement for separate state first started in the 1950s.  The state was ruled by various Dynasties over the period of time. Hyderabad was ruled by Nizams earlier and became the capital of the newly formed Telangana. It is said that Telangana was mentioned in Mahabharata, which was known as the Telinga Kingdom supporting the Pandavas.

Local festivals of Telangana

Composite Culture can be experienced in the state of Telangana with North and South cultures blending beautifully. All the festivals namely Holi, Deepavali, Vinayaka Chaturthi, Dasara, Ugadi etc are celebrated with Pomp and equal devotion. But there are certain Local festivals, which are only celebrated in Telangana State.

Pochampally sarees

Bathukamma: – A very important festival during the time of Dasara, there are religious, cultural, historical sentiments attached with it. It is the colorful festival where Women wear festive sarees with glittering jewelry and decorate the Bathukamma with flowers and carry it to a decided point. The Bathukkamma is then immersed in water after the festival.

Bidri craft

Bonalu:- The Thanksgiving festival of the state to Goddess Mahakali, it is celebrated in the month of June or July.

Regional Speciality product of Telangana

Ethnic Wear: – With diversity in Culture, Telangana people can be seen in varieties of Clothing. But the majority of the women wear similar clothing, Sarees.

Pochampally & Gadwal Sarees:- Pochampally  and Gadwall sarees are clad by the majority of the women while unmarried girls wear salwar kameez or Langa Voni. Pochampally sarees is made from a silk produced from Bhoodan Pachampally town of Telangana district while the Gadwal saris beautifully handcrafted with vivid colors having zari work.

Pancha & Sherwanis:- Men wear Kurta Dhoti having a  specific kind known as Pancha.  Hyderabadi Sherwanis are famous and is usually clad in the weddings.

Women wear Glittery and gold jewelry usually in weddings.

Art and Craft

Telangana is known for its astounding handicrafts. Telangana is highly rich in art and craft forms namely:-

Bidri craft
Bidri craft

Bidri Craft:- The Bidri craft have Silver engraved on the metal pieces.

Dokra:-  Authentic and traditional handmade fabrics by the Banjaras, traditional art forms with bell metal known as Dokra is also available in huge quantity.

Ikat handloom:- The Ikat handloom having cotton kurtis, Pochampally sarees are  created by the local weavers.

Pearl Jewellery: Hyderabad is famous for pearl jewellery, it is also known as the “Pearl City” of India.

Food and Cuisine

The Hyderabadi Cuisine is famous all aroundd the world with amalgamations of various cuisines to enjoy your taste buds. With particular species and herbs imbibed in the regular food, the taste of food becomes richer.


Telangana’s specialty food includes Hyderabadi Marag, Mirchi ka salan,  Hyderabadi Biryani, Lukhmi, Haleem, Qubani ka meetha and more. The cuisine is made in traditional utensils, which are made of earthen pots, brass, and copper.

Karachi Biscuits:-  Apart from Biryani, Telangana’s Karachi Biscuit are exported to many cities and countries.

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Fabric is important in choosing toddler smocked baby dresses

In addition to avoiding scratchy fabric for babies, most parents stay away from synthetic fabrics when choose toddler smocked baby dresses. Most synthetic materials can be a dangerous fire hazard for kids.

baby dresses

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With good fabrics, Babeeni launched new designs of toddler smocked baby dresses for your lovely kids.

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How to add lengthen smocked baby dresses?

Add a wide ruffle to the bottom of the smocked baby dresses to add inches to the length.

Measure the width of the front and back of the smocked baby dresses. Lay the dress flat on your work surface. Measure the width of the bottom of the dress, flip it over, and measure the same place on the back. Add the two numbers together, add 2 inches to the total, and then double the measurement. Write the number down on a scrap of paper. Add 1 inch to the number of inches of length you would like to add to the bottom of the dress. Write that number down. Cut a piece of coordinating fabric to the dimensions you have on your paper. You should have a long, skinny rectangle of fabric when done. Fold the long bottom edge of the rectangle 1/4-inch and iron. Fold the edge another 1/4-inch and iron flat. Place the strip on the sewing machine, and sew a straight stitch over the folded edge to hem. Fold the rectangle so the short sides are right-sides together. Sew the short sides together with a straight stitch.

You will now have a circle. Sew a line of stitches using a long basting stitch on the top, raw edge. Do not backstitch at the front and back of the fabric. Leave long threads at the beginning and end of the line of stitches. Sew a second line using the same directions 1/4-inch below the first. Pull the long threads on the ends to gather the fabric. Flip the dress inside out. Work the gathers around to evenly distribute them on the fabric strip. You will need to gather it so the piece will fit around the hem of the baby girl dress. Match up a side seam of the dress with the side seam of the gathered fabric. The gathered fabric and the dress should have their right-sides facing the same way. The top raw edge of the gathered fabric will attach to the bottom hem of the dress on the inside of the dress, which is still inside out. Sew the pieces together using a straight stitch. Use 1/4-inch seam allowance. Pull the gathering threads out after you have sewn the pieces together. Flip the smocked baby dresses right-side out and the ruffle will hang from inside the dress.

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Few Tips to Style and Accessorise Your Sarees


Buying a Nauvari Sarees is a fun experience nowadays thanks to the tons of variety available everywhere from online stores to high-end designer stores to small local stores. Although one tries to stay within budget sometimes it’s tough to resist one gorgeous, expensive saree that you feel resplendent in, quite like a Maharashtrian wedding saree. One way to feel less guilty about a big purchase is to find ways to wear that saree more than a few times – Styling and accessorizing your saree right makes sure your look stays current and put together.  Let’s take a look at a few ways to enhance the look of your Nauvari Sarees:

Draping: Varied draping styles can really take the allure of a pretty saree to the next level. There are so many different ways to drape a sari apart from the normal front or back pallu drape. If you can’t figure out how to do them yourself, take the help of a beautician or stylist or simply look online. Draping a Nauvari Sarees well is the best way to showcase the best parts of the saree; it could be a heavily embroidered pallu or a shimmery border. You can also accentuate different parts of your body. Experimenting with different styles will also allow you to change the look of a saree in case you are worried about repeating.

Nauvari SareeBlouses: Your blouse can change the entire look of a saree. There are so many new designs to try like backless designs, blouses with Nehru collars and embellished collars, different sleeve lengths and mush, much more. Whatever style you choose, a perfectly tailored blouse is a must. Keep in mind that the blouse you stitch for your bridal saree may not be as revealing as the one you would for a cocktail party – definitely keep the occasion and audience in mind! Take a gander at new modern designs and while a retro design looks fashionable a truly ‘old-fashioned’ one may not, it will only look dated.

Accessories: The right accessories add the finishing touches to even the most casual of sarees. Beautiful jewelry like earrings, a necklace and bangles is the perfect adornment. Both modern and traditional jewelry look great depending on the style of the saree. Be sure to match your jewelry to the metallics in your saree if any. A pretty clutch or dressy purse is your best bet; a big handbag with a dressy saree doesn’t look very contemporary.

Make sure you style your wedding Nauvari Sarees saree right and make sure the look works for your style and the occasion. It’s really sad to see a woman in a beautiful saree ruining the entire look with bad styling!

Preparing Your Website for the Holidays: It’s Not Too Early

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Does Your Website Need Updating?

If you already have a website, you can think of updating it to maximize your holiday profits. You should talk to knowledgeable SEO in Los Angeles California experts to get an idea of different ways to improve the effectiveness of your website. Make sure that your website is optimized for all major mobile devices available.


Let’s Talk About Some Amazing Ideas to Start With Your Holiday Preparations:

List Building

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SEO For All Pages

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The choice of cosmetic products – like and price

The skin becomes thinner and as it loses its former elasticity. And no wonder, with age, skin cells reduces the ability to upgrade. Slows down the production of collagen, the main building material for the skin cells. This is reflected not only on the elasticity of the skin, but also on its ability to retain moisture. Many have probably noticed that with age the skin becomes drier than it was in his youth.

From this point on hydration and nutrition of the usual cream is not enough. To slow down the aging time to get acquainted with the anti-aging agents.

The basic principle of use: first anti-aging best face cream acts as an intense and used 2 times a year (spring, autumn), and when you are 45 and more goes into the category of basic creams.

best face cream

Sometimes women are in a hurry to fight the first signs of aging due to a stronger, more effective means. Do not do it, is inherent in each age has its own specifics cream. Now funds are required deep action, the ability to correct these changes. One of the main requirements for an anti-aging face cream that they penetrate deep into the skin.

Cosmetics for Face

Especially the aging of the skin is expressed in the skin around the eyes – eyes betray our age with his head. This biological process we influence can’t. However, to save the elusive youth still possible. This requires complete skin care India throughout the day; the replacement stopped working biological mechanisms of rejuvenation. It is highly recommended to use anti-aging cream at night time – at this time the cells regenerate. The main mechanism of rejuvenation anti-aging creams – gain regeneration and shipping directly to the skin of vitamins and necessary food.

Get rid of bags under the eyes, uneven complexion and wrinkle creams will help. Modern cosmetics for face is nourished and hydrated, smooth existing wrinkles and preventing new ones. Integrated tools (hydration and nutrition at the same time) will help to deal with several troubles immediately. There are cosmetic products for young ladies and older women, men’s cosmetics and series for children. For home care is ideal and professional cosmetic line tools which have a high content of nutrients.

Declining Cognitive Function May be the Result of Chronic Stress

Adult attention and learning, according to common belief, tend to decline as we age. This means that we expect to forget things, to not learn as easily as we might once have, and generally speaking, have declining cognitive function. Society has determined this as the norm. Additionally, we have been led to believe that, with aging, we lose the ability to learn new skills or even retain and assimilate new information:

New Theory Explains Declining Cognitive Function

There is, however, a new theory that suggests that this information and belief system is outdated. It proposes that if adults continued learning the way we did as children, the term ‘aging’ would need to be redefined.

The theory proposes that declining cognitive function is dependent on the learning strategies and habits developed over a lifetime. Depending on these strategies and habits, our cognitive development is either encouraged or discouraged.

If, for example, adults had to embrace the learning principles of a child, i.e. using broader learning experiences that promote growth and development, they would notice an increase in cognitive health instead of the formerly expected decline. The broader learning experience would, according to this theory, encompass the following six factors.

These factors are endemic to an infant’s learning experience:

Learning that is open-minded and input-driven

You are encouraged to explore outside your particular comfort zone, learning new patterns and skills continuously.

Individualized scaffolding

You have access to teachers as well as mentors who guide you in your learning, e.g. a mother teaching her child how to draw but constantly increasing the difficulty level.

A growth mindset

Where you believe you can increase your abilities with a little effort.

A forgiving environment

Mistakes and failures are fine and deemed a part of the learning process.

A serious commitment to learning

Where you are committed to mastering new skills, persevering in your efforts even when experiencing setbacks.

Learning multiple skills simultaneously

Where you do not limit the learning of new skills to one at a time but embrace many at the same time

During infancy and young childhood, these factors work together, increasing your basic cognitive abilities such as your attention, working memory, and inhibition. The same factors may work during adulthood as well.

As we move towards adulthood, however, our learning changes focus and becomes more specialized in nature. This specialization, however, has negative results for our cognitive growth, as:

declining cognitive function and closed-mindedness

We become closed minded and focus on specific knowledge driven learning

This infers we stay within our comfort zone and stick to routines.

There is no scaffolding

We no longer have access to teachers or mentors that guide our learning process.

We find ourselves in an unforgiving environment

Failure has consequences, such as losing our job. It is not seen as a means of learning.

We develop a fixed mindset

We start to believe our abilities are talents we are born with rather than something we acquired and developed with our own efforts.

We are less committed to learning

We may start something new but drop it after a while due to ‘not having enough time’ or because ‘it is too difficult’.

We learn no more than one skill at a time

Whereas infants learn a range of skills simultaneously we tend to focus, as we age, on only learning one skill (if any) at a time.

The theory thus proposes that, when taking a look at our cognitive function from infancy to late adulthood, the decline in broad learning may play a role in the cognitive aging process. If, however, the factors described were to be implemented, aging adults would be able to expand their cognitive function way past the limits we currently take as the norm.

Specialized learning seems to take over from broad learning once we become career driven. Unfortunately, as a consequence, this is the point where cognitive aging begins. Once we have become accustomed to a work environment and become efficient in what we do with regards to our activities and work expectations, we seldom vary from the mold our work environment has set for us.

While there are benefits to this type of learning attitude, e.g. it may ensure a measure of efficiency and accuracy when responding to a number of situations we may have to deal with, there are also disadvantages. This may be in the form of having made an assumption about something and being put in a position where you need to change your point of view or way of thinking. You are not accustomed to this any longer and may find changing your mindset or way of thinking difficult to master. This is not the same as broad learning where things are constantly challenged.

However, it is not only the way we learn (or do not learn) that results in declining cognitive function. Our health, especially the symptoms experienced due to stress and its implications, may play a large role in this regard.

The Role of Stress in Declining Cognitive Function

declining cognitive function and your daily stressors

In a nutshell, the term ‘stress’ is used to describe the physiological, psychological, and environmental conditions that put so much pressure on a person that they feel they cannot adapt to it. Some of these conditions include a heavy or prolonged heavy workload, infectious diseases, intolerable conditions in your personal life, sleep deprivation, social pressure, and even constant loud noise. The stress you encounter may be short-lived, or it may be chronic in nature, i.e. continuous, without giving you any relief. Generally speaking, people may ultimately respond to stress in one of two ways: you may either rise to the occasion, conquer what is causing the stress (like your workload), or you may deliver sub-par work. Each person reacts differently.

Chronic, consistent stress, however, may cause a disruption in your body’s homeostasis, i.e. balance, and result in a number of stress-related symptoms such as irritability, declining cognitive function such as memory loss as an example, skin conditions, depression, hormonal imbalance, sleep problems such as insomnia, weight gain or weight loss, bowel movement problems, etc. The reason for this is because chronic stress causes an increase in cortisol production.

The Effect of Cortisol

Enhanced cortisol production is the result of stress. It is commonly known as the fight or flight hormone and is produced by the adrenal glands, as part of the body’s hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis and is a byproduct of its NeuroEndoMetabolic (NEM) stress response. This response is automatic, and you are not able to control it.